October 13

What D&D Class Are You? Personality Quiz


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Ready to hop into a Dungeons and Dragons campaign but aren't sure which class to play?

Finding a Class for Dungeons and Dragons that matches your personality can be daunting. There are so many character options, so how do you know what to choose?

To save you time (and for fun), we made this Dungeons and Dragons class quiz for DnD 5e! Take the test below to see which classes you should play in your next DnD game.

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What Your Results Mean


Rogues are cunning individuals that stick to the shadows. Choosing to be stealthy, this DnD class steals or swindles anything may they need. Wit is your strong suit, so use it!



Wizards are creatures of intellect! They are eager to learn and always look for logical solutions to their problems. Also - being able to cast spells always helps.



Barbarians are rough and tough. Most problems will be met with brute strength and if that doesn't work that's why you keep a nerdy wizard around. Watch out though we hear barbarians have a temper.



Warlocks are powerful and interests lie in whatever makes them stronger. They most often only act on self interest, but this mind set allows them to use their magic optimally. Darkness surrounds this class so be warned power comes with a price.



Bards are charismatic and natural entertainers! In fact, you are so great at what you do that you inspire others! If you can't talk your way out of a situation and are forced to fight turns out your words pack a punch.


Druids find themselves at home in nature. They gain wisdom from observing wildlife and will protect it at all costs. Plus you get a pet!



Rangers are tactful and always analyzing the safest solutions to problems. You appear rough but that's because you do what it takes to survive. Hunting beasts or bandits all the same, you know what you're doing and you always get the job done.


Paladins are righteous and uphold justice at all costs. You are ready and willing to be on the front lines against the forces of evil. You are bound by oath and that gives you strength.



Monks strive to find balance between mind, body, and soul. You study the monastic ways to control the energy that flows through you. Rigorous training met with meditation has brought you the wisdom you live by.

Want to learn how to play your class? Check out our DnD 5e class guides! And share your test results with friends!


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